We are redefining and expanding what self-care is. There has been a limited, narrow definition of what self-care is. Bubble baths and facials are great but not the end all be all. Inside, we invite you to go deeper. Expand your understanding through products, people, experiences, classes, workshops and more.


We are here to create a space where being BIPOC is celebrated, protected, and elevated. This means that every offering, product, and partner we bring in to support you is intentionally selected to best serve you. Everything is done with the purpose of building community together, giving you a place to connect with others.


We facilitate a number of events, workshops, and classes. Our community partners are therapists, healers, artists, business professionals who are all committed to your growth and uplifting the community. 

Click here to view Inside’s offererings both in-person and online so that you can continue on your path of growth and self-care.

Founder Sierra Jones

Sierra is social entrepreneur and creative visionary. She uses over a decade of coaching and healing experience, as well as an interdisciplinary practice to create inspiring projects and experiences that have an insightful, direct, and spiritual perspective.

Sierra is a seattle native, UW graduate. Her love for her community runs deep. She strives to make a positive impact in the life of everyone she connects with. She believes self-care is developing/having the self-awareness to connect with who you are at the soul level and to live out your life in purpose.

Co-Founder Symonne Larison

Self-taught artist MonieLove has called the Pacific Northwest home all her life, being born in Portland and now a Seattle, Washington resident. She began sketching portraits at ten years old. Since then, she has transitioned to painting individualized expression portraits using various techniques that saturate the canvas with color and vivid texture.

As a gay, black woman, MonieLove has experienced how society can negatively impact the mind and spirit. She has found an outlet for healing herself through her art that highlights her love and gratitude for the diversity of the black community. For her, self-care is a necessary part of being, and an act of unconditional love for herself that radiates outward. It is a time of rest and re-connecting with the core of who we are, the foundation that everything else is built on. In the spirit of collaboration, she has committed to building a community that uplifts other artists and creatives around her.