• Aloe Honeysuckle

    Amplify your inner voice! Quiet the noise with vegan body care handcrafted with plant based ingredients adorned with real flowers.

  • Atiwo Designs

    Dorianne Attiogbe has owned and operated Atiwo Designs since 2020 when she founded her business. She designs and makes jewelry from diverse media such as beads and polymer clay. Dorianne was always very crafty as a child and fondly remembers playing with beads and making bracelets. This lead her to a love of jewelry and large statement pieces as she got older. Once COVID started, she began researching making her own jewelry as she grew tired of wearing the same pieces as everyone else and wanted more variety. After posting pictures of creations she made for herself, she got lots of inquiries about how people could purchase. From then the rest is history. You can find Atiwo Designs at Inside as well as at her Etsy shop.

  • Aunty Monstera

    Aunty Monstera is a funky, slow made and hand crafted polymer clay jewelry business start by Jocelyn Doffner one year ago. Aunty Monstera offers unique jewelry that she discovered she enjoyed making after spending time making jewelry as Christmas gifts for her mother and sisters. Jewelry making became an art medium that brought healing for Jocelyn during a confusing and draining season of life. After creating to the point where she ran out of space Jocelyn decided to start sharing the creations with others and Aunty Monstera was born.

  • Avenue South

    Nyema Clark founded Avenue South in 2015 when she grew tired of feeling like products were never created with her in mind. Nyema wanted to create a natural solution for the culinary and self-care needs for Black women. She believes that being health conscious should not be considered a luxury that is out of reach for some and Avenue South is committed to incorporating ingredients
    found in nature. Nyema celebrates the healing gifts that the earth offer us – affordability and wellness at it’s finest.

  • Beyond The Curls

    Beyond the Curls is founded and operated by Sally Wusstig-Trice and has been a business for just over a year. When Sally was younger she straightened her curly hair to make it “easier” since there were no products made for her hair type and texture. Sally decided to start her own company with products formulated to work for all types or hair but especially the wavy, curly and coily community. Beyond The Curls is all natural and vegan.

  • Cherish the moment

    Our brand’s mission is all in the name and just that, simply to show our community how important it is to just cherish the moments. We provide high quality luxury products that help you escape momentarily and allow for you to cherish the moment you’re in while using our products and hopefully making this a life-style and mind shift.

  • Fine Gang Apparel

    Fine Gang is a lifestyle and apparel brand on a mission to inspire generational health and foster a culture of healthy living, with emphasis on physical and mental health. We develop unique and affordable fitness apparel and accessories for customers who seek on-trend and quality products.

  • Goddess Throne Naturals

  • Author Mack Tuggle

    Mack Tuggle is a manager, investor, & author that lives with his wife and two sons in the foothills of the Cascades in Washington State. Mack has spent his entire life on the west coast, also living in Los Angeles, California, Vancouver, British Columbia, and the Willamette Valley in Central Oregon. He has been involved in the financial markets since 2009.

  • MDC Beauty


  • Nish Rene

    Nísh Rene’ LLC is a black-owned business built upon a passion for connecting customers with their most authentic selves. Every piece is hand-crafted from the highest quality of authentic and ethically-sourced stones and precious metals. Explore her collection of luxuriously jewelry online at nishrene.com or inquire for custom pieces as unique as you!

  • Out The Vault

    sophisticated wear for the multifaceted woman.

  • Qwing

  • Seeds & Sneeze