AshaAung Helmstetter

AshaAung Helmstetter is a Seattle-based painter, who often works with oil paints in heavy textures. Her focus shifts between portraiture and abstract, letting both painting types borrow from the other; always using bold colors and exaggerated features. At seventeen years old, Asha realized that she would dedicate very much of her life to art, and has spent the years since actualizing the reality she had seen for herself in her mind. Having left school early to focus on her confusingly-detrimental health and personal development, Asha has very little formal training. While she has many mentors, and takes inspiration from art that exists everywhere, her style shows the independent exploration that comes with somewhat isolated learning. Her paintings reflect her imagination, and perseverance: two things that are difficult to miss when encountering her person, or any of her creations.

Lila Thomas

Lila Thomas is a 24-year-old Seattle-based visual artist from Southern Louisiana. She received her BFA in Drawing/Painting at Nicholls State University. Her work consists of portraits and intimate interior scenes where she uses light and color to transform mundane environments into quiet and immersive spaces. Lila's work has been shown in the Ameen Art Gallery at Nicholls State University and at a national juried art exhibition in the Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she won Best of Show. Lila is currently working on small doodles and experimenting with mixed media.

Maya Milton

I am a Seattle Artist, but first and foremost I am a black woman. I create art because it is my favorite form of communication, self expression, and activism. My goal is to make art committed to creating a space that enables Black girls and women to imagine a life beyond the confining structures in which we currently live. I want to provide a space for black girls and women to be empowered and uplifted, mind, body, and soul. I focus on inspiring us to be comfortable and confident in our own skin, while also celebrating our differences. Using elements of nature, spirituality, the universe, and a touch of Afrofuturism, I place us in God-like position and show how truly beautiful and powerful we are.

Hoa Hong

Hoa is a multidisciplinary designer and graphic artist based in Seattle. Through paintings, illustrations and typography designs, her work often features a colorful array of elements inspired by people, culture and community. The versatility and vibrancy in Hoa’s creativity is a gentle reminder that you can find fun and playfulness in all aspects of life.