Sierra Jones

Sierra Jones, The Black Spiritualist, is a Reiki Master and healer.

Sierra is social entrepreneur and creative visionary. She uses over a decade of coaching and healing experience, as well as an interdisciplinary practice to create inspiring projects and experiences that have an insightful, direct, and spiritual perspective. 

Sierra is a seattle native, UW graduate. Her love for her community runs deep. She strives to make a positive impact in the life of everyone she connects with. She believes self-care is developing/having the self-awareness to connect with who you are at the soul level and to live out your life in purpose.

She received her Master's training from Marianne Stienrich of Reiki for Living, who passed on her depth of knowledge from training with: 

Tadao Yamaguchi,The Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, JapanFrank Arjava Petter,The Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, JapanWilliam Rand,The International Center for Reiki Training, Hana, Hawaii

Erica Carraway

Erica naturally embodies a deep need to understand the world around her. This keeps her enthusiastic about learning, as she is prideful of her knowledge, and inspired to use her various passions to support with evolution of the lives of others. Through her journey of overcoming postpartum depression, heartbreak, and a chronic disease diagnosis; Erica faced and need and desire to re-discover inner self. This mission is to transmute the power of traditional beliefs and practices "healing" and develop modern day regimens to empower our energy.

Becoming a healer stimulated her drive for meaning. Mars in Leo individuals possess a strong need to create in some way--and they are determined that their lives have not only meaning, but significant meaning. Aligning herself with this divine purpose faced reoccurring challenges that are rarely illuminated in today's society. These well known delays developed her mission to teach modern day people with modern day lives how to heal their mind, body, and soul with minimal routine for abundant results. 

Nhautrey Brown

Nhautrey earned a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Seattle University. While finishing her Master's Degree, she completed a clinical internship at Pregnancy and Parenting  Support through Catholic Community Services where she provided case management and parenting classes for new and expecting parents. 

Nhautrey also completed an internship at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic in Seattle where she provided medical social work services, and individual clinical mental health therapy to children. Nhautrey continues to work as a therapist, providing mental health services in the state of Washington

Nhautrey integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches and psychotherapeutic techniques tailored to each individuals needs and goals. 

While staying current on trainings, studies and psychological/clinical approaches, Nhautrey is dedicated to providing the best services to all individuals and families. 

Ultimately, Nhautrey thrives to end the stigma of mental health!

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The Black Spiritualist

60min Reiki Energy Healing

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Why do you need Reiki?

We are all energetic beings, yet we tend to forget to take proper care of our energy bodies. We try to logically process events that have happened, without processing the energetic impact of events. Reiki allows us to balance your chakras, remove energy blockages, and remove the energetic causes of trauma so that you may thoroughly heal. 

What exactly is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced RAY-KEY, is Japanese for spiritually guided life energy used to harmonize and align your chakras. Its roots are rei, meaning spirit or soul, higher power, and ki, meaning vital life force or mind. Reiki is life force energy channeled by the Reiki Master (or Practitioner) to the client's energetic field thus harmonizing Body, Mind, & Spirit! The energy is intuitively guided to areas in need within the client's energetic field and will flow where it's needed most. Reiki is a spiritual practice and not associated with or interferes with any religion, religious practices, or beliefs.

What happens during a Reiki session?

The practitioner channels universal life-force energy to harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. The practitioner positions his or her hands on or above your body to energize the seven chakras, their associated organs, and body systems. One of the unique things about Reiki is that your natural needs intuitively guide the practitioner and adapt the energy. You may feel the energy transfer and release of blockages as sensations of heat, tingling, cold, or slight pressure. For in-person or virtual distance sessions clients are fully clothed and in a relaxed posture – sitting or laying down. A truly beneficial session will last 60 mins.

What is Distance healing?

Distant Healing is healing performed when the patient is not present. It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of Healing can be very effective.

About the Practitioner

Sierra Jones, The Black Spiritualist, is a Reiki Master and healer.

She received her Master's training from Marianne Stienrich of Reiki for Living, who passed on her depth of knowledge from training with: 



In-person healing will take place in the healing room at Inside in Seattle. 

Distance Healing will take place remotely.