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Kay Tita

Askanya Chocolates - 2 Oz Bars

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Les Chocolateries Askanya is Haiti’s first premier bean-to-bar chocolate company. We exclusively use Haitian cacao to produce our chocolates in our facility located in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Paradis Milk Chocolate - 47% Cacao: Paradis has a rich and creamy texture, with delicious chocolate flavors and subtle fruit flavors, providing additional complexity.

Minuit Dark Chocolate - 60% Cacao: Minuit "Our Best-Seller" is a dark vegan bar, with a rich, deep and dark chocolate taste, without the bitterness associated with dark chocolate.

Perle Rare Extra Dark Chocolate - 90% Cacao: Perle Rare brings you right to Haiti’s earthy doorstep. Intense without being bitter, it delivers a chocolate hit with a short finish.