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Refresh Tea | Cold/Flu + Immune Support

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caffeine free herbal tea bright | fresh | citrusy | fruity A unique combination of fruit, spices and mint herbs smell + taste AMAZING! The power of citrus comes from both the inner fruit as well as the peel, so we have utilized both. Keep your immune system strong by enjoying this tea with a lemonade steep + some honey! This is our go-to tea for a soar throat, a cough and cold/flu symptoms. Special ingredient mullein breaks down phlegm in the body, and help attack build up in the respiratory area (making this tea perfect for this scary pandemic time). + cold and flu fighting properties + antioxidants for immunity + reduces sore throat + cough + calms dizziness + vomiting + relieves heartburn + mood boosting elements + safe to drink while nursing Ingredients: ginger, rose hips, apple, chamomile, peach, lemon, pineapple, lemon verbena, peppermint, mullein, spearmint