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Kay Tita

Underdog Revolution - Pierre Stanley Baptiste

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Underdog Revolution, Empowering Non-Obvious Winners and Underserved Communities (Paperback)

What enables an Underdog to do the seemingly impossible?

There is one group in the world that can make a difference, yet most people ignore these underdogs.

If you

  • were born with the wrong genes, in the wrong neighborhood,

  • live with the wrong network of friends,

  • have low finances and live in a poor community

but still desire to improve and impact other’s lives, you’re an underdog with unexplored potential.

Poverty, gang violence, and war zones may be stacked against you, but if dreams, ideas, innovation, and passion propel you forward into empowerment you’re still a winner. And other winners are waiting for you to join them in squeezing every ounce of goodness out of the opportunities and challenges life presents to you.

In Underdog Revolution, you'll learn about the link between creativity and scarcity, the reason why the top-down approach to innovation is wrong. Discover how and why we need a new type of innovation if we want the 3.5 billion people living at the base of the pyramid (BOP) to thrive. Being an underdog is actually your ultimate unfair advantage to next level wealth, prosperity, happiness and joy in a world built for apparent winners.